What Counts?

When you consider a truss supplier, it is crucial to evaluate not just the truss price, but what does the roof structure really cost you installed. How long did the process take? After all, time is money! Don't forget that the "process" includes estimating, layout, permitting, fabrication, delivery and installation.
At Scosta Corporation we design our product and our procedures to maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness throughout all phases of the construction process.
Some of the benefits we provide you are:

  1. Color layouts with concise details and information. Builders, design professionals, framers, and inspectors alike appreciate the layouts we provide.
  2. In house Professional Engineer, enabling us to process engineering without a third party involved - saving days when sealed engineering is needed.
  3. Email transmission of your plans to us, layouts to you, and even approved layouts back to us will save days of paper flow.
  4. Attention to minimizing of bracing - we have saved clients hundreds, even thousands of dollars of labor and materials in bracing.
  5. State of the art computerized saws and set up tables - providing maximum efficiency and accuracy in fabrication.
  6. Labor forecasting and tracking allows for scheduling that will meet or outperform your needs
  7. Commitment to customer service to keep your job moving! Office and field staff are available to assist you at all phases of your jobs.
  8. Consistent and stable pricing tailored to your company's needs and procedures.

"Partnership" is not just a buzzword at Scosta, it is the only way we do business. Please consider the value of the services we provide, when our competitors can only offer a low truss price – not a low installed cost.